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#game | #multiplayer

A game in wich you need to make the enemies explode into each other.

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#game | #multiplayer

Try to get the highest level in this satisfying infinite 2d shooter!

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Shoot 'm up! 2

Version 2 of my game called shoot 'm up! This is a better and more fun version with 4 different ships to choose from.

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#game | #multiplayer
Platformer 2

My second platformer game but this time you can upload / play levels from other players!

About me

My name is Wouter Missler, and I am a 15-year-old programmer who lives in The Netherlands. I have been programming for about 4 years now and love it! I like to program games and websites on the Internet. I like to enjoy other people’s work by playing some games in my free time :) I would like to become a front-end web developer after I finish school. The languages used for my websites are HTML, SASS, and Javascript.

That's me!

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I like to express myself in many ways, sometimes that means taking a risk to get the best solution to a problem. Sometimes I spend days on one problem just because I want to get the best solution.



One of my favorite things to do every Sunday is to plan out my week. I create my planning all by myself and take quite a bit too! It is a fun challenge for me to get better at everything that I do, including planning.



I really enjoy learning new things and improving on things I already know. There are things that I don’t need to learn, but most of the time I am really studious about almost everything.

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