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I made HospiFight for HKU, which is a school in Utrecht, The Netherlands where I am going to study game development. I had to make a prototype of a game that would fit with a certain target audience, there were a couple of choices here: children in a hospital, lonely elders or families on a family-trip. The target audience I ended up choosing was children in a hospital, because it seemed the most fun and colorful to make, and I really enjoy making things colorful and fun :).

You can check the live site below, heads up: the site is in Dutch.

Check it out live
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The idea for HospiFight was for the children in the hospital to have fun while learning about why they are at the hospital, maybe it’s because they have a certain disease or maybe because they broke a bone, etc. They way I chose to tackle this problem is by making a lot of little mini-games that the children will play, and in between the mini-games I feed some information in a fun way. This way the children have fun and learn at the same time.

Below here you can see images of all the mini-games I ended up making, if you want an explanation on how they work or if you want to test them out yourself, click on the button above here to check it out live.

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