Brush Strokes

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Brush Strokes is a generative art project I worked on for the generative NFT marketplace fxhash. The original concept came from a daily piece I made (link), it was originally meant as an experiment to see how fxhash works exactly but ended up being an amazingly successfull piece. Which I am super gratefull for!

You can check out the fxhash page below, keep in mind it has already been sold out. You can see all the outputs there as well.

Fxhash page

The idea for Brush Strokes was to recreate the feeling and texture of physical art in a digital environment. And to achieve this I worked on recreating simple paint strokes, since this was a daily this was done with a relatively small amount of detail.

And after I got that figured out I worked a lot with color and lighting. Brush Strokes is made in 2D but has a 3D asthetic because of the way lighting was done. The way I added lighting was by looking at the rotation of that single brush stroke and making the color lighter / darker based on that angle. This involved some simple vector math, but added a very important detail to the piece.

You can check out all the minted outputs by clicking the button below or head over to the fxhash page by clicking the button above. Enjoy!

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