— Wouter Missler is a web developer, a web designer and guitar enthousiast from the Netherlands.

Brush Strokes project image

Brush Strokes

Brush Strokes is a generative art project I worked on for the generative NFT marketplace fxhash. I worked a lot with texture and composition on this piece.

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Kuju project image


For entry into the school I am going to study game development in, I needed to make a prototype of a game which fitted with a certain target audience. The target audience I chose were children in a hospital, I chose this target audience because it seemed the most fun out of all of them (lonely elders, family on vacation).

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Space Jam project image

Space Jam

Space Jam was a school project. It is probably my favorite school project I have ever made just because of the crazyness of the idea. The assignment was to make a festival that could be anywhere with any acts in it. We as a group decided on making a space themed festival that would take place in a huge space ship! I designed and created the entire website and the rest of my group took care of the text on the website.

Music page image

My Music

Another hobby I have next to my programming is making music. I play my guitar mainly and next to that I like to record and produce music fully from start to finish to learn all of the ins and outs of music making. You can find my completed songs on this page and maybe even take a little listen.

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ZAK project image

ZAK Architecture

ZAK Architecture was an architecture firm located in Sweden. It was an amazing project to work on! I created the logo and the landing page design. I tried to incorporate the classyness and slickness of the architecture but still keep the feeling of trust.

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3D Globe project image

3D Globe Data Visualisation

This was a Fiverr project I did, it was for a data-analizing company that wanted a nice centerpiece for their website. Keeping in mind the simplicity and overall style of the company I made this 3-Dimensional globe that can display any kind of data.

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Low poly planetz project image

Low Poly Planetz

Low Poly Planetz was a fun side project I worked on when I wanted to relax for a bit. It is basically a program that generated icosahedron shaped planets with a color scheme chosen by an algorithm with terrain generated by simplex noise. Or in more humain language: “A random planet generator with a low-detail asthetic“.

shootr project image


SHOOTR is a game in which you need to shoot your enemies, simple enough right? It is a twin stick shooter with a lot of random elements so the game never seizes to surprise you. It has a scoreboard and player based enemy creation/sharing.

Physics Engine project image

Physics Engine

This was a school project that I did, It was for the subject Physics and you had to create a game using something like scratch. Of course I already knew a little bit more about how to create games on the web so I decided to create a physics engine and create some little games with that engine. I wrote the engine myself and inspired it mostly from the matter.js engine.

Summaries project image

School Summaries

Whenever I needed to learn for a test I would make summaries of what I had to learn. The only problem was that I needed a simple way to access all those summaries, so I created this website to store them all. You can still look at all the summaries on this page and maybe learn a couple of things if you can speak dutch.

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